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It's true!  Just let us come out to give you a FREE ESTIMATE on mowing services for your property, and we will mow your front yard for FREE. Absolutely no obligation!  But the season is already upon us, so call for your appointment today. 651.269.9801

(Front yards less than 1/2 acre, please.  We're pretty great people, but we can't give away the farm.)


Well, maybe YOU don't, but your grass certainly does.  Just for signing on for a season of mowing services, we will give your lawn it's first fertilizer application for FREE!  What a great value!  The season is here, so call before we book up:  651.269.9801

Offer expires when our schedule is bursting at the seams. We still have room, but we'd hurry...


Take a look at your yard.  Is it the paradise you have always dreamed of?  If not, let us give you a FREE ESTIMATE for your dream patio.  And when you're ready to build, we'll give you a FREE PATIO DESIGN!  Your backyard paradise is closer than you think...

Call today: 651.269.9801